This post will shine a light on some gems I found when installing Blackfire on Fedora.


I started installing blackfire, because I was curious about bottlenecks of some web application.

sudo dnf install pygpgme
sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
sudo dnf install blackfire-agent
sudo blackfire-agent -register
sudo systemctl enable blackfire-agent
sudo systemctl start blackfire-agent
blackfire config
sudo dnf install blackfire-php

– these steps are primarily inspired by Blackfire’s installation guide

Blackfire and Remi’s RPM Repository

Currently on my development environment, I have 3 PHP versions running. That’s made possible by Remi’s RPM Repository.

They are packages from a different repository and all prefixed like php70-, php71- and php72-. It seemed very logical to me that I copy some files to get Blackfire working on all my PHP versions.

I was ready to copy /etc/php.d/zz-blackfire.ini to /etc/opt/remi/php70/php.d/zz-blackfire.ini, but surprisingly the latter already existed:

$ ls -l /etc/opt/remi/php70/php.d/zz-blackfire.ini      
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 272 May  3 09:55 /etc/opt/remi/php70/php.d/zz-blackfire.ini
$ ls -l /opt/remi/php70/root/lib64/php/modules/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 50 Jun 14 10:59 /opt/remi/php70/root/lib64/php/modules/ -> /usr/lib/blackfire-php/amd64/


Now I don’t know yet how this is made possible(I’m going to do some further research), but I thought it’s actually pretty cool that one package like blackfire-php gets integrated so well into my development environment.